Coming soon, a way to track your kills, deaths, and other metrics about your gameplay. TF2Stats will track your statistics across a network of servers, enabling you to keep tabs on your TF2 performance no matter where you play.


How does this work?

Server operators who have partnered with this site add the TF2Stats SourceMod plugin to their server/s. This plugin tracks all stats local to those servers and sends the update to the global statistics servers for processing.

What stats are tracked?

Beyond some of the more obvious information like kills and deaths, we want to collect a lot of useful information. As a start, we also want to track more specific information; Things like time spent on capture-point, healing done, and time played per-class, to name a few. Many more statistics will likely be added as development continues.

What is all this used for?

All this information adds up to give a more complete overview of a player's performance and play-style.

Where can I learn more?

More information will become available shortly, with a beta launching soon after that.